Wednesday, January 28, 2015

She made it to Omaha!

Helloooooo people of Arizona (or wherever else. But i think most of yall are in Arizona.)

Well, I'm in Nebraska. I definitely don't have enough time to write about my last few days at the MTC and since i got here. So, There will be lots of summing up. We went to the Provo temple and did a session and that was pretty cool. I don't know if I like the Provo temple though . . . is it bad to say that I think it looks like an awful giant cake? Because it kinda does. The mountains are so pretty around provo, and a lot of days they were covered in snow and I definitely can't live anywhere without mountains when I grow up. Well I guess I am grown up. I should say when I start my adult life. 
I got this really cool Captain Moroni shirt from the bookstore with a Captain America shield on it and that's my favorite pajama shirt now. I wish I could actually wear it around. 
M. Russell Ballard came to our last Tuesday devotional and my favorite part that he said was that if we ever feel discouraged on our missions, we should write a letter to Joseph Smith in Liberty Jail and try to cheer him up. And that really put things in perspective cuz he went through way more than anything I could ever go through, and then Christ went through way more than anything Joseph Smith went through, so really I have nothing to complain about.

So that's all I have time to write about at the MTC. On Wednesday we had to get up at 2:30 AM and then we rode a bus to get to the train to get to the plane. So that was pretty fun, except we were freezing and our luggage was super heavy. We had to make sure that each suitcase was less than 50 pounds and I was totally fine but then Sister Johnson had so much stuff and I let her put some in my suitcases so about half of one of my suitcases was all her stuff and they were both 49 pounds. So I don't know how she's gonna get everything back home. But anyway, when we got to Nebraska we met President Weston and his wife and they're both so nice and then we went to the mission office and got a ton of orientation and then at night we got to the motel that we would be staying at for 2 nights and Sister Johnson was like ummmm what's that smell? And it smelled like gross dogfood, and I'm starting to realize that pretty much all of Nebraska smells like dog food or cigarette smoke or manure. At least in my experience so far. The next day we went to the Trail Center and the pioneer cemetery next to the temple and it was freezing and silly me from Arizona only had a cardigan but Elder Lindgren gave me his coat cuz he had his suit coat on underneath and I felt bad for being so unprepared so Sister Johnson and I took some wonderful selfies with the camera that he had left in his coat pocket as repayment. 
Then we got our assignments and I'm now serving in York, which means I get to live on a farm! So that's pretty cool. There are only 2 missionaries in York so that's me and my new companion, Sister Christensen. She's really nice, she's a lot like me and she says that she was super shy when she first came out too, so that gives me hope that I can be as good at talking as her in the future. President Weston says he wants all the missionaries to live with members and I didn't really like the sound of that at all and turns out I get to live with members here in York. BUT they have a guest house of sorts so it's like we get our own house on their property, which is basically the ideal thing, I'm so lucky it worked out like that. And they put a piano in our main room! It's really badly out of tune and I have to hold 2 pedals to make it sustain and we don't have a hymnbook or anything but hey, it could be worse. 
Waking up is still the hardest part of the day. I just have no motivation at all to even care to get up. At home I would've thought 8 hours of sleep would be wonderful, but I guess now that I'm actually doing stuff all day, I'm actually pretty exhausted. I keep falling asleep whenever we have any free time at all. Like if I eat lunch really fast, I'll lay down on my bed and be out in like 2 minutes, so I get nice little 10 minute power naps every now and then. 
The bugs are just lovely. And everywhere. I'm so glad we have a fly swatter. I saw this huge mosquito thing in the bathroom and I call it an Antsquito cuz it has the body of one of those giant ants but then it's still a mosquito. But hey, when I get home, I may be over my extreme fear of bugs. It'll probably take a while though, since I saw a beetle next to the mirror while I was brushing my teeth and I thought I was fine but then I saw it jump from the wall to the mirror and I jumped back and slightly started hyperventilating, so we'll see. 

Oh I forgot about pictures. I'll try to do that next week.

Quote of the week: Without hard work, nothing grows but weeds (Pres Hinckey. And i connected that quote to Alma 32 since that's my favorite-ish chapter now.)

OH and I need a favor of all yall: Can you send me your conversion stories and testimonies and when you knew this church was true and stuff? thanks.

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