Sunday, April 19, 2015

Feb 2

I have pictures this week! Not very many though because my MTC district people still haven't sent me pictures from then, but I have a few. Here are a few pictures of me and Sister Johnson at the MTC! These 2 pictures are the 2 states you would usually find us in.
She was so weird. Hahaha but she was great. And apparently I can only send 2 pictures in an email. Oh well.
Yeah so we technically live on a farm but there are only a few animals like some horses and chickens and goats. We don't have to do anything with them though, so that's great. We really don't do much with the Byers, we go over every night to read scriptures with them but otherwise we stay in our house. Except we go over on Pday to do laundry and every Wednesday we go over for dinner. This past Wednesday we had chighetti. Which was very . . . interesting. It was spaghetti with chicken and broccoli and Velveeta cheese and . . . yeah it was just interesting.  
We have a meal calendar that we pass around in Relief Society so people can sign up to feed us dinner but since there are about 8 women in relief society, we usually don't get fed dinner. Except every Monday we go to the branch president's house for dinner and family home evening and we get to play Spot It which is SO fun, but maybe that's just from a missionary perspective. The branch president is so . . . wise? I guess you could say, he just really knows what he's talking about all the time. And he makes the worst puns ever which I find hilarious and he says them so casually and quietly that most people usually miss them while I'm sitting there trying not to laugh. Oh and there's this nice young return missionary couple that fed us twice this week and it was so good. They totally understand what being a missionary is like cuz they were just out like 4 years ago so they're really cool to talk to.
I wish we could go to the temple but we can't cuz we're too far away. Missionaries only get to go to the temple once a transfer if they live within a certain distance of the temple and we are waaaaaaay out of bounds for that.
We usually spend our days inside for a long time doing personal study and companion study and all that and then when we go out, it's a lot of member work. We don't go tracting (or at least we haven't yet), we mostly just visit less active members or visit with member families to keep them strong. I think it depends on the area though, so it's probably different in other places. We don't even set up appointments because the people here are so flaky. We just show up and usually they're home and available, which isn't that odd because there's not really anywhere to go here . . . this town is so tiny.
I really feel a lot better about this whole missionary deal this week, which is sad because I feel like I was just getting used to it and enjoying it when I got kinda sick on Friday and then I got super sick on Saturday and Sunday was bad too. I think I'm starting to get better but I'm still not great. Sister Christensen says that she and her old companion got super sick for like a month and President told them that the reason they get sick is because that's the only way Satan could get to them. That makes sense in my case since I was just starting to get comfortable. But now I'm even more determined to be an amazing missionary so his plan kinda backfired.
Church got cancelled yesterday because of the awful storm that hit. There is SO MUCH SNOW. I'm now starting to realize how much I really hate snow. Why would anyone choose to live where it snows. 
Cool experience, Sister C and I were going to an appointment and I felt kinda sick in my stomach, like not physically sick but kind of a bad feeling but I have that a lot so I didn't think too much about it and then we got to the appointment and she started to say the prayer cuz we always pray before we go teach but I was really distracted by the feeling, like it was trying to get my attention and it took me a second that she had stopped midprayer and I could tell we were both on the same page and she reached for the keys and turned the car back on and got out of there. We don't know what would've happened but it's so cool that we both felt it and knew the Spirit was telling us to leave. 

Quote: Fear is the opposite of faith. If you have fear, faith diminishes, but if you have faith, fear diminishes.

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