Sunday, April 19, 2015

April 6

Well, this week was very eventful. But I'm gonna start with the less eventful stuff first. My favorite young return missionary couple in the branch, Janelle and Brandon, had us over for dinner because they usually have us over for dinner once a week and apparently her dad sends them a ton of meat all the time because of his job and this time he gave them a huge box of bacon and they know how much I like bacon (who doesn't) so they gave my like 40 pieces. I don't know how I'm going to eat it all but I'll manage. 

With the weather getting nicer, we've been getting different but still interesting bugs in our house. Now we get these giant beetles that kind of look like demented mini lobsters and they like to lay on their backs and play dead, so you never know for sure if they're dead or not. It's great. I hope my next companion isn't afraid of bugs. 

We had another lesson with Cameron and he's totally set for baptism on May 2. Sister C is hoping to come back for that and I really hope she does. That would be awesome! During our lesson, he told us about this cool experience he had one night after reading the Book of Mormon where he felt prompted to go to and he did and was reading through a couple profiles and he felt the Spirit pretty strongly and it helped to get rid of some of his doubts. He's just so prepared. He watched conference with his girlfriend and her parents, which is perfect because there were a couple talks in there that I thought were perfect for him while I was watching it. 

This has been the longest week of my life. I suppose I can get into the fun stuff now. So, Thursday morning at about 3 AM (you can already tell this is gonna be good) Sis C and I woke up to our CO2 detector going off, which is kind of scary when you're half asleep at 3 in the morning. So we had to call the fire department and get out of our house (in our pajamas. We looked super professional.) and we waited for like 10 minutes for somebody to come, and then finally like 7 firetrucks showed up. They went in and checked our detector and they think ours is just faulty but they didn't have their own detector so they couldn't even tell for sure. But they know this one guy in town who has one so the main fireman told us it would probably be fine and he'd send the guy over in the morning at like 9. As they were leaving, we heard one of the firemen say to him, "You're not actually gonna let them stay here are you?" Soooooo we decided to sleep in our car the rest of the night. It was already like 5:30 by then anyway so we only had an hour before we had to get up. And the guy never showed up in the morning, which was great. We had to report all this to the mission office so we did and the housing specialist, Sister Lee, flipped out a bit and told us we weren't allowed to stay there anymore and that she was shutting down the Byer's home to missionaries and we had to pack up everything and go to Kearney for the rest of the week. But it was Sister C's last week so we convinced her to let us stay in a member's home until Monday (today) when Sister C would go to Omaha and I would go to Kearney for a week anyway until I get my new companion on Friday.  So we called around and got to stay at the relief society president's house that night but she wasn't able to let us stay again so we had to find somewhere else. We talked to the Byers and they said they would do anything to not lose the sisters, so they set up a room in their actual house for us to stay and they said if this CO2 problem didn't clear up, that we could just live in their actual house instead. Long story short, we finally figured out our detector was just faulty, but Sister Lee decided that our house had a mold problem instead and she still wanted us out. We told her that the Byers would be willing to house us in their actual house if they had to and she said that would be fine. So this was a long emotional week. It was super scary that one day when I had to start packing and they said sisters wouldn't be staying in York. That was awful. I'm so glad I most likely get to stay in York now, although it's still a bit up in the air.  

So that was my week. Oh! Conference! I loved conference, it was amazing. But I was a bit disappointed that the prophet only spoke once and that Richard G. Scott never spoke. But the talks were so great. I liked when Bednar said something along the lines of "Jesus Christ is the only source of enduring peace." I think that might be my favorite talk. Or the one by L. Whitney Clayton. It was all really great. 

I have a request of all yall who read my emails. Can you give me your favorite talk or quote or insight from conference? Just tell me what you loved about it. Thanks! 

~Sister Temp

My camera's being obnoxious and won't let me upload pictures. Imagine there's a picture here of me and Sister C dying Easter eggs and a couple pictures of the sky. Thanks.

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