Sunday, April 19, 2015

March 30

This week was so amazing! We saw so many miracles. My favorite miracle was probably on Tuesday. Sister C and I had gone through everyone on our list but nobody answered so we tried all our backups too but got the same results. We still had about an hour before we could go home and we were totally stumped. So Sister C was just driving around and I was looking through our entire list of people and I felt like we should see Theresa, an investigator we haven't gone back to see since my very first night in York. It was weird because we had decided to go try her a couple times the past month but every time we just felt like we should see other people. But I really felt like we should try her that night so I told Sister C that we should try her and Sister C said, "Actually I was already driving to her house." So since we both received the same revelation we knew it had to be the Spirit. And then we got there and she told us that after the last time we saw her like 2 months ago she had gotten a job at a book binding place and there was always at least 1 Christian book every day, so she would be able to skim through it and read a paragraph or two, and she thought that was as close to God as she needed to be. But then earlier that morning there hadn't been any Christian books and she thought that was really weird, and then we showed up. So she took that as a sign from God that she needed to listen to us. It was so cool!

Have you all seen the Because He Lives video? It's so good, here's a link so yall can watch it:

We also got a new investigator! She's a religion minor and so she knows a ton about different religions but she never learned about Mormons and she was talking about that with her friend who's in our ward, Sister Nygard (who's a return missionary) and Sister Nygard told her a bunch about it and basically taught her the restoration for us, and then told her about missionaries and stuff and said there were some sister missionaries in the area who she could meet with and her friend (Jessie) was really excited and we met with her last week and she's totally prepared to receive the gospel, even if her main reason for meeting with us was to get more knowledge. The Spirit worked through her and she got really excited when we gave her a Book of Mormon and she said she'd read and pray about it (before we even asked her to) and we asked her if she found out that it was true if she would be baptized and she said yes! 

Here's a few random things from this week: we caught 3 mice in the last 4 days (that's what happens when you live on a farm I guess. It's awful.), the Byers got baby turkeys (they're so adorable!), on Wednesday the tornado sirens went off and I had a mini heart attack and then Sister C told me they do siren tests on Wednesdays and if there was actually a tornado, we would definitely know before the sirens went off because it would be stormy outside and the sky would be green (people keep telling me the sky turns green when there's a tornado but I can't even imagine that.), Lead Kindly Light is one of my favorite hymns ever now (along with Come Unto Him. The words are just so comforting. Go read them.), aaand that's all I can think of. Oh, and we almost hit a raccoon this week. That would be so gross. 

Quote of the Week! "I urge all of us who are called to speak in the name of the Lord to dismiss our feelings of self-doubt and inadequacy. We don't have to use soaring language or convey deep insights. Simple words of testimony will do. The Spirit will give you the words for you to speak and will carry them down into the hearts of humble people who are looking for truth from God. If we keep trying to speak for the Lord, we will be surprised someday to learn that we have warned, exhorted, taught, and invited with the help of the Spirit to bless lives, with power far beyond our own."  ~Henry B. Eyring
This quote totally helped me. But it doesn't just apply to missionaries. Find a way for that to apply in your own life because it's applicable to everyone. 

The sky! (Are you surprised?) Sister C said that's kind of what the clouds look like right before a tornado starts to form. 

~Sister Temp

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