Sunday, April 19, 2015

April 14

Helloooo. Well this is awkward because it's Tuesday instead of Monday. The library internet went out yesterday so we weren't able to email for our full hour and I didn't get to send my weekly email or my email to President Weston sooooo now it's Tuesday and I feel like a sinner.

Well. I am now Sister Christensen-less. It's really sad. We had to say goodbye last Monday and then I got to be with Sister Wilson for a couple-three days, which is good because I love Sister Wilson and she just lost her companion too so we could just cry to each other about it the whole time. But it was great, we got to hold bunnies!

Pay no attention to how extra-white I look, it's just the lighting. Probably. I also got to hold a hedgehog! Pretend I got a picture of me holding it and that I put it right here. [ ] 

I just had a really fun week with Sister Wilson in Kearney. The Kearney sisters are over a ward and a young single adult branch, which was really fun because we got to go to family home evening and institute and stuff with them. It was a party. Everyone kept making fun of my name the first day so for the rest of the week whenever I introduced myself I would just say "My name's Sister Temp . . . as in temporary." It was hard to leave because I really felt like I belonged in Kearney so maybe I'll serve there someday. But for now I'm still in York! And I got to sleep in my bed for the first time in over a week. So that was nice. We finally got the carbon monoxide/mold issues all cleared up. Hallelujah. 

My new companion is Sister Brunner! What are the chances? I've actually sent home a picture of me and Sister Brunner before . . . super weird. But here's another in case you forgot what she looks like.

When we went to go see people, everyone kept commenting on how alike we look. One lady was like "Oh my gosh, you're twins!" Uhhhh nope. I really like Sister Brunner. I was afraid it would be awkward but it's not at all. Her name is Erika so we talked about how names usually spelled with c's are so much better with k's. We get along great. I'm so glad we have so much in common and we're both so weird. She convinced me to get some post-its and it took me like 15 minutes to decide what colors I want (don't judge, it's an important decision.) but she was just laughing at me and we found out that we're quicker to laugh at each other than to get irritated so it'll be great, I'm excited to be here in York with her. We went and tried a couple different people that Sister Christensen and I have been trying forever but they were never home, and then we went yesterday and got into both of their houses. So I'm really excited to see who else she's here for. 

I don't remember if I've ever talked about Debbie before but she's a dry Mormon. She comes to church every week and reads the scriptures with her husband and is practically a member, minus the baptism part. We had a really awesome lesson with her and found out her concerns and Sister Brunner told me that she feels like she's here for Debbie and I told her that I felt like that too so we know that we're gonna be the ones to baptize her. 

I had such a cool experience on Sunday! So Sister Brunner was telling me all these experiences she had had with the Spirit and I've been struggling with recognizing promptings from the Spirit since I got on my mission (well, since forever) so I prayed to recognize promptings that morning and it happened TWICE. Sister Brunner and I were visiting a recent convert and then Sister B randomly told her we would sing a hymn for her and I hate singing but I went with it and we got out her hymnbook and as soon as she did I got "Be Still My Soul" stuck in my head and I almost suggested it but I decided I would just let Sister B pick and then she looked at me and said "Be Still My Soul." She didn't even say it like a question. So that was awesome. And then after, we were driving down a street and I was looking out the window and then I started thinking about what if we went tracting down the street and then all of a sudden I realized that that could be the Spirit so I asked Sister B if it would be weird if we tracted down this street and she immediately pulled over and we went from house to house and met a woman named Jenny doing yard work and offered to help and she said we looked too nice to help but if she needed help another time she would call us so we gave her a "Because He Lives" card with our number on it and she seemed really interested. We kept going and saw these 2 girls in their 20's sitting on their porch and felt like we should talk to them and one of them, Jessie, was really talking to us and she does not seem the type cuz she had tattoos and was drinking out of a flask, but we asked some questions and she told us that her family was Christian and she used to go to church and she still believed in Christ and had faith but wouldn't go to church anymore because of hypocrites and idiots. And then she started asking us the questions and asked if we ever felt embarrassed and we told the truth and said of course we always feel awkward and uncomfortable and sometimes get embarrassed to talk to people but we're still willing to do it because this is important to us. She asked us about our family lives too and she really liked how I didn't have a perfect cookie cutter Mormon family and that I had doubted everything and we both told her we still got doubts all the time. She really liked how sincere we were and she told us that we were the most sincere "ministeries" she had ever talked with and we asked if we could come back another time and she said yes!  So that was just really cool and we're excited to go see her again. I love feeling like I can finally recognize the Spirit sometimes.

So that was my week. Here's a quote: Sometimes God lets you hit rock bottom so you can discover that He is the rock at the bottom.

And here's the sky.

~Sister Temp

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