Monday, August 17, 2015

August 17, 2010

​I finally finished my whole wall! Right in time for transfers. Ugh, I don't want to pack the whole thing up in 4 days. I hope Sister Brunner gets transferred instead of me. I'm not ready to leave York yet. Speaking of transfers, don't send me any letters until next Monday when I can email and say if I got transferred or not. Everyone expects me to get transferred, but you never know. I could totally stay. We're getting 6 new sisters this transfer, so almost every sister in the mission will either be training or a sister training leader.

So, Sister Brunner and I decided we wanted to do a crayon art project before we weren't companions anymore, so we did and made this.

But funny story. We accidentally got melted blue crayon on the Byers' carpet. And right when that happened, the Byers knocked on our door because they were going to fix our kitchen light that's been broken for over a month (We've been using a desk lamp in the kitchen since it broke. It's nice to have a real light again.) Sister Byer's didn't really care about the crayon mess because we were in the process of cleaning it anyway, but Brother Byers wasn't too pleased when he saw it. But after we cleaned it up, he was fine.

Malachi is texting us again and he doesn't hate us! Hopefully we'll be able to meet with him this week. 

Oh, so last night, Sister Brunner and I were teaching the Lindseys an object lesson about raising the bar, so we got a broom and Sister B was like, "Spencer, come jump over this broomstick." (Spencer is this kid preparing to go on a mission soon) and then Sister Lindsey was like, "You know what it means when a southern girl asks you to jump over a broomstick for her, don't you, Spencer?" And we were all like, "Uhhh, what does it mean?" And apparently it means she wants you to marry her. So there was much awkward laughter after that, hahaha it was so funny. That awkward moment when your companion proposes to someone. . . 

Quote of the week: "When we think, "I will be happy when _____," we miss out on so much of what life has to offer by postponing our happiness. Even though we sometimes have to put our desires aside to submite to the will of our Father, that doesn't mean we have to also put our happiness aside." I got that from the August ensign. I really love the story about patience in it.

~Sister Temp

​Remember a couple weeks ago when I said that they were getting rid of the York balloon? Don't worry, they were just sand-blasting it so they could repaint it. Now it's finished and it looks even nicer than before.

Here's a picture of me holding the Lindsey's bunny (they're one of my favorite familes here) and one of the Lindsey boys accidentally photobombed. It almost looks like we planned it but he just happened to be being weird in the background.

​I love Runza. Isn't this fantastic?

 ​(Ignore the fact that this picture is kind of yellow-ish) We took a zone picture in our baseball shirts at zone training last week! I'm gonna miss this zone.

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