Tuesday, April 19, 2016

April 11, 2016

We had a miracle lesson this week! So there's this less active lady named Rhonda and her husband (Wes) isn't a member and hasn't come to church in ever. But on Tuesday we went to see them and they're super stressed out because Wes has this medical issue pop up and it's pretty serious and he's getting surgery for it today so hopefully it goes well. But on Tuesday we went and whenever we go to their house we just talk to Rhonda and then Wes leaves the room when we get there. So we were talking and I felt like I should share a scripture with her (D&C 121:7-8) so I did and she LOVED it. And then she asked us if we wanted to say a prayer (which is great because people don't usually ask to pray, we normally beg people to pray with us.) And THEN she said we should go in the other room and pray with Wes. Which was a miracle. And so we said the prayer and right after we said amen, she asked us if we had time to share that scripture with Wes too because she loved it so much, so we read it again and he loved it too and then out of the blue he's like, "What time does church start on Sunday?" AND THEY BOTH TOTALLY CAME TO CHURCH YESTERDAY. It was so sweet. After church he got a priesthood blessing for his surgery and he said that he felt so welcomed and comfortable and that he feels like he should come more often. So that's amazing.
On Wednesday we got to do zone training! And after zone training we had our zone olympic tryouts! I love zone olympics. I'm so glad I get to have 2 on my mission. Apparently I'm not nearly as buff as I used to be and so I failed at the stick-pull. And push-ups. BUT I'll be competing in the arm curls, so hopefully that goes well. Zone olympics aren't until next transfer in the second week of May. Here's a picture of our awkward zone.

Random highlights of the week:
--We had dinner with a family that lives on a farm kind of like the Byers in York and it made me homesick.
--Another time we had dinner and the kids were crazy and then I looked out the window and there was a donkey meandering around and I felt like I was in a movie. (But I didn't get to ride the donkey because apparently that's against mission rules. The sister before me figured that one out.)
--I tried Cafe Rio for the first time and found my new addiction.
--I learned how to plant a garden this week. It's not as hard as I thought. So I'm totally going to have a garden someday unless I live in Arizona then I'm not sure how that will work out. I'll just grow cacti and citrus. 
--I learned what goulash is. I don't like goulash.
--My companion likes to pretend that she's pregnant after big dinners and this little girl totally thought there was a baby in her stomach.

--And here's a baby in a backpack. She's so cuuuuuuuuute. 

Quote of the week:
"Every family has moments of awkwardness. Like when your parents ask you to take a 'selfie' ofthem, or when your great-aunt insists that you are still single because you are just too picky, orwhen your opinionated brother-in-law thinks his political view is the gospel view, or when your dadarranges a family portrait with everyone dressed like characters in his favorite movie. And you getthe Chewbacca costume. Families are like that." ~Dieter F. Uchtdorf literally said this in General Conference last week. If you didn't watch conference, you are seriously missing out.
Actual Quote of the Week:
"In real life, we face actual, not imagined, hardships. There is pain—physical, emotional, and spiritual. There are heartbreaks when circumstances are very different from what we had anticipated. There is injustice when we do not seem to deserve our situation. There are disappointments when someone we trusted failed us. There are health and financial setbacks that can be disorienting. There may be times of question when a matter of doctrine or history is beyond our current understanding.
When difficult things occur in our lives, what is our immediate response? Is it confusion or doubt or spiritual withdrawal? Is it a blow to our faith? Do we blame God or others for our circumstances? Or is our first response to remember who we are—that we are children of a loving God? Is that coupled with an absolute trust that He allows some earthly suffering because He knows it will bless us, like a refiner’s fire, to become like Him and to gain our eternal inheritance?" ~Donald L. Hallstrom

~Sister Temp

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