Saturday, September 12, 2015

Well we've officially moved in to our member housing! That's always good. So here in my new official address that you can send stuff to. 2327 South 191st St, Omaha, NE 68130
​It's a pretty nice house. I got my wall put back up! Here's a lovely mirror that shows me taking a picture of it.

We got to go to the LIVE BYU football fireside the night before the big BYU vs. Huskers game. So that was awesome. They did it at our stake center even though the game is happening in Lincoln so we totally lucked out. I was originally gonna root for Huskers because this is Nebraska and it's practically required if you live here, but the fireside changed my mind. The football players are so awesome. And I totally got a couple of their autographs. And then BYU miraculously won the football game at like the last second or something like that (I wouldn't know cuz I didn't watch it) and we were super happy for a second and then we realized that now we can't go tracting for a while because everyone in Nebraska will hate us. But most Husker fans are actually pretty gracious losers so it's not that bad. We haven't had anything thrown at us. Yet. 

Here's a picture of their bus!

Sister Peters and I got to go to the temple on Saturday instead of the football game and it was . . . amazing. I really love going to the temple and feeling the peace of being in God's house. I don't get why missionaries aren't required to go to the temple all the time because we definitely need it. I'm just so glad I got to go. Thank goodness I got transferred to Omaha so we could have that option. If we were too far away (like in York) he said he would've told us no.

The ward is really growing on me. It was weird being in a ward instead of a branch at first and I didn't like it because there were too many people, but now that we're actually getting to know all the people, I kinda like it. Except the elders in our ward are being difficult. They barely talk to us! They don't even say hi. We have to drag any information out of them. So our goal before we leave is to get them to open up enough to greet us someday instead of ignoring us.

Helpful hint: DON'T pray to appreciate the sacrament more. Our mission president told us to make sure our Sabbath is focused more on the sacrament than on getting investigators to church, so I prayed to appreciate it more. And then we only got half the sacrament. On Sunday, the deacons got us the bread but somehow missed our row when they were passing the water. There were only like 5 of us in the row but we stood up and were waving our hands but none of the young men noticed and the bishopric were all too deep in thought to pay attention. So we only got to take the bread. But when we talked to the bishop afterwards, he said that the official rule is "even half is good enough." So it's fine, I just feel so incomplete.  

The bishop is so awesome. He's super inspired. Sister Peters and I had a pretty rough week last week (she got some really not so fun news from home and actually got to talk to her family (which is never good) and being in a new area is just tough in general) and then after church on Sunday the bishop texted us and asked us to come over to his house and he didn't say why so we were a little skeptical about what he wanted. When we got there he fed us cinnamon rolls and ice cream, and then he told us that in church that morning he had been watching us during sacrament meeting and he could tell that we had had a rough week so he thought he would invite us over and give us a break. That was amazing. He's so in tune with the Spirit. He gave us really powerful priesthood blessings too.

​Sister Peters and I found a tooooon of hair crimpers that previous sisters have left here. so we decided to use them one day.

Quote of the week: "Just because God is smiling on someone else doesn't mean He is frowning on you."

Second Quote: "He is a wise man who does not grieve for the things which he has not, but rejoices for those which he has."

~Sister Temp

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