Saturday, September 12, 2015

August 31, 2015

Well, I'm still in Elkhorn. This is so weird. Yesterday we saw a hot air balloon and it made me think of the York balloon.

We had zone conference last Wednesday and it was the best thing EVER. I love zone conference. President Gardner finally told us we could listen to real music! I can't believe I lasted over 6 months with only motab. But now that that's gone, I feel soooo much better. Tender mercy for making me move to a new area.

We got the weirdest news ever at zone conference too. So like a month ago President Gardner asked us to memorize these 12 scriptures he had sent us and he said if we did there would be a prize. I was expecting candy or something. But then he told us that whoever memorized all 12 would be allowed to go to a members home and watch the BYU vs Huskers game. Hahaha really? Sister Peters and I thought that was so weird. We were kind of excited at first but then we were like, "Actually, I'm not that into football." So after zone conference we went to President Gardner and asked him if instead of watching the game we could go to the temple  AND HE SAID YES! So Sister Peters and I get to go to the temple this Friday! We're so excited. She hasn't been to the temple since she served in Council Bluffs like almost a year ago and I haven't been since the MTC, so we're both really happy.

I never really told you anything about Sister Peters. Maybe that's because I had only known her for like 3 days the last time I emailed. She's from Texas and she's like the most humble person ever. She's a vegetarian, which is kind of sad because people will tell us they're gonna make roast or something and then they're like, oh wait we'll just have salad instead. But this is good for me because I'm going to learn to eat healthier. I made that a goal for this transfer while I was still in York, so naturally the Lord put me with a vegetarian. She goes home at the same time as Sister Brunner in December, so I'll probably be with her for the next 3 transfers until she dies.

If you need something to read, I read this amazing talk by Brad Wilcox the other day called His Grace is Sufficient. Actually, even if you don't need something to read, read it anyway. I'll even put a link here so you have no excuse.

We met with the bishop yesterday and he's awesome. He told us that when he became bishop 3 years ago, he made a ward goal: That their entire ward would be translated. Which is kind of a ridiculous goal when you first hear it, but if you think about it, shouldn't that be everyone's goal? Striving to be good enough to be translated? We thought that was really cool. And he told us this awesome quote which is like my new favorite quote ever.

Quote of the week: "Goals are stars to steer ourselves by, not sticks to beat ourselves with."

I've always hated goals because I never reach them and then I feel guilty and it makes me give up, but the point of a goal isn't to reach it or fail, it's just to steer yourself in the right direction. As long as you're moving in the right direction, then your goal is a success, whether or not you actually reach it. And that kind of goes along with the talk I was talking about earlier, so go read it.

And here's another quote of the week because I really like this one too. "Fear is unworthy of a child of God."

That is all.

~Sister Temp

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