Saturday, February 27, 2016

February 8, 2016

Sister Munger and I are both staying in the Holmes Lake ward for another 7 weeks! Yaaay, I was worried. 
On Tuesday, President Gardner grounded all the mission cars because we had a huge snow storm, so we shoveled people's driveways and deep cleaned our house. Well, I deep cleaned. Sister Munger watched me deep clean. I was just on a roll and I got really into it, so she just sat and read an Ensign and moved stuff while I vacuumed. But it was fun. I enjoyed it.
And then on Wednesday I got called to give a training for district meeting on Thursday, which was weird because they don't really have other missionaries give trainings anymore, the district leader is just in charge and leads a discussion. But our district leader went home, so I gave a training.  And then the APs asked me to do a musical number for zone conference this week, so I've just been overwhelmed with missionary assignments all over the place. I'm trying to get Sister Munger to sing, we'll see if she gives in.
Penny passed her baptismal interview so she'll be getting baptized this Saturday! We're so excited for her. It's gonna be awesome.

Quote of the week:
"Having descended below all things, He comprehends, perfectly and personally, the full range of human suffering. We might even say that having descended beneath it all, He is perfectly positioned to lift us and give us the strength we need to endure our afflictions." ~Dallin H. Oaks
~Sister Temp

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