Wednesday, May 4, 2016

May 2, 2016

This week has been awesome! We found out on Tuesday that our member housing got approved by the mission office and they wanted us moved in with the Leavitts by Saturday, so that was a little crazy. The Capitol sisters ended up moving into our old apartment and now we're living in the Leavitt's basement! I've never stayed in such a nice basement. The ground is all tile and it's HEATED. And the shower is amazing. And basically all of it is so much better than living in a run-down apartment in the sketchiest part of town. We could actually go outside this morning to exercise and we went for a run and they live in such a nice neighborhood. I love it. I'm just sad that I'm probably only staying for 2 more days because I'm almost 100% sure I'm getting transferred on Wednesday. So I would give you my new address, but it'll be different by next week anyway.
On Tuesday we aaaaaaaalmost had a tornado, but not really. We just had a really awesome thunderstorm. Like almost shaking the house awesome. The sky was barely barely tinted green (it didn't really look green at all but the Nebraskans said it was a little green) so we got hopeful but then nothing happened.
MIRACLE: We got a media referral from named Queen (she is so cool, she's from Nigeria) and we went to see her on Wednesday and she's the most prepared person I've ever met on my mission. We invited her to be baptized and she was so excited! She told us that her mom went to a different church and doesn't like the LDS church but Queen wanted to at least take a couple lessons and then talk to her mom more about it. So we had 2 AMAZING lessons with her and thenon Friday she texted and told us she had all the materials she needed and she would keep reading the Book of Mormon but that she didn't want to cause any disunity in her family so she doesn't want any more lessons. But I know she's going to be baptized someday! I've never seen anyone love the gospel so much.

I got to hold a Gecko named Sir Winston Churchill.

We were making frosting at a member's house for dinner last night and their mixer was broken, so we improvised and it was awesome. I now know that drills work waaaaay better than hand mixers.

Last district picture!

Quote of the Week:
"In all the pain we must go through, we have to remember the pain that is in others." ~Robert D. Hales
Bonus Quote:
"If we look for imperfections or irritation in others, we will certainly find them, because everyone has some. On the other hand, if we look for the good, we will surely find it, because everyone has many good qualities too." ~Dieter F. Uchtdorf

​~Sister Temp

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