Monday, May 4, 2015

May 4, 2015

Happy Monday! 

This week was great. It's raining today! Which is definitely a plus.
I still haven't found my camera cord, but maybe I will someday! It's probably best that I don't send pictures though, since I took like a billion of the sky this week and I wouldn't be able to choose which one to send. 

I've been doing much better at talking to people! The coolest thing was last Monday I printed a talk called "The Supernal Gift of Prayer" because I had written it down to print, but as we were leaving the library I was thinking "Why did I want this talk again?" I couldn't even remember writing it. But I read it the next day and I LOVED it so I definitely recommend reading it. I love this one part talking about the 3 answers you get to your prayers: 
1 - The warm fuzzy peaceful feeling everyone talks about. 
2 - The stupor of thought, which is kind of an uneasy feeling.
3 - Nothing. And the reason you sometimes get no answer is because God is leaving it up to you. He's waiting to see if you will make the right decision without His guidance because He trusts you. And as you act on your decision, THEN you will feel that it's right or wrong.
And then that night we had a lesson with Debbie and this talk was totally relevant! And I told her about the 3 answers we get to prayer and you could tell she was really listening. 

And then this other time we were teaching the Humanes and I was actually talking about half the time! I have no idea what I was saying, but I definitely talked. And then the oldest boy was like "How come you never talked when you were with Sister Christensen?" And I was like "Uhhhh because I'm the shyest person on the face of the planet."

One of our recent converts (she's inactive already) decided that she's moving to Guatemala . . . because she somehow thinks it'll be easier to live there than here. I just don't understand her.

Jessi hates us. I don't know what we did, but we invited her to church last week and she said her car was broken, and then another night we asked if we could come over (and she always says yes) but she said she was busy. And then we texted her a few other times throughout the week but she doesn't answer. So that's kind of sad. I'm still hoping she'll come back around. We're gonna keep trying her anyway until she actually tells us that she hates us.

Well, that's about it. This week was fairly uneventful. 

Quote of the week: "If you only do the work when you're motivated, you'll never be consistent enough to improve. The ability to stick to the schedule and do the work - especially when you don't feel like it - is so valuable that it's literally all you need to become better 99% of the time. Stepping up when it's annoying or painful or draining to do so it what makes someone great. Stick to schedule rather than letting life get in the way and remember what's important to you."

~Sister Temp

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