Saturday, July 18, 2015

July 13, 2015

Well. Still in York. 

I feel like I'll never leave. Sister Brunner is still here too.

Here's our cute little district picture from last district meeting before transfers. Even though it's basically staying the exact same this transfer. The only difference is one of the Spanish sisters was transferred and the sister training leaders are in a trio now. They got a 3rd sister in Kearney, but she's not a sister training leader, she's just a regular full-proselyting sister. It's weird. But I guess there has to be a trio somewhere since there's an odd number of sisters in the mission.

Oh, and Sister Brunner passed her sickness to me since we're companions and we have to share everything. So that's been fun. I thought having a sick companion was the worst, but I was wrong. Being the sick companion is the worst.

Remember Stephanie? We found her a while ago and we went and saw her like 2 weeks ago and she was supposed to come to church but didn't? Well, we were really worried to go see her again because it's kind of awkward since she said she was coming to church but didn't, and we thought she probably didn't want to meet with us anymore, but we went and tried her again anyway on Friday. And she let us right in and we taught her the plan of salvation and set her for baptism in August! When we asked what happened last Sunday, she said that she had gotten ready and was waiting on the couch but nobody showed up. (Which is really weird because her ride said they had definitely knocked.) But we were like, "Oh! Well let us get you a new ride for this Sunday then." And she was good with that so we told her we would come back on Saturday night with her ride so she can meet them and she said that would be awesome. So we went back on Saturday with a new person to give her a ride (by we I mean Sister Brunner went with Sister Byers and I stayed home with Sarah because I was sick and dying) and they get there at 7 like we arranged, and nobody was there. And of course when her ride went to pick her up on Sunday, nobody answered. So now we're just really confused by her mixed signals because she's never there when we set up to meet her, but she seems to love it when we come visit and she accepted to be baptized. 

Oh! Cool story. So on fast Sunday I was fasting that we would be able to figure out Debbie's concern because we've been trying to figure it out since I got here in JANUARY and it's really just time for her to get baptized. And we went to see her the next Wednesday and she basically told us everything finally! She said she knows the Book of Mormon is true but she still doesn't have a testimony of Joseph Smith and of modern prophets. AND she doesn't want to be interviewed by our district leader and the thought of being interviewed makes her uncomfortable because she doesn't like to be put on the spot (We already kind of knew about that but this is the first time she's told us herself). AND she feels awkward because everyone else gets baptized when they're 8 but she's a bit older than 8. AND she doesn't want everyone in the branch to make a big deal about it. So it was nice to finally get it all out of her and we worked through a lot of it. She's just SO CLOSE. I'm glad I'm still in York because I need to help her get baptized and I'm not leaving until she does. (Not that I was ever going to leave York anyway. I've accepted that I'm stuck here forever. Apparently President Weston was serious when he joked about keeping me here my whole mission.) 

Quote from President Gardner:
"Faith is the power
Obedience is the price
Love is the motive
The Spirit is the key
Christ is the reason." 

~Sister Temp

I never even wrote about the 4th of July! It was awesome, the Byers went and bought fireworks and it was really fun. Apparently it's legal here to buy the fireworks that shoot in the sky, so they got a couple of those. And Brother Byers made pork ribs and potatoes with bacon and green beans with bacon and cabbage with bacon. I love his cooking. 

~Sister Temp

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