Saturday, July 18, 2015

June 29, 2015

Here's the sky of course. 

This week was uneventful until Saturday. We helped the Byers put up a fence around their pasture, we helped Amber move into her parents house, and then we helped this random girl pull weeds. So we got to wear service clothes for like half of the day. The random girl, Sarah, goes to the college here and we offered to help her pull weeds because it's too hot to pull weeds by yourself, so we helped her out and talked a bit and we basically told her the entire first lesson. She said she was struggling with her church right now and so we gave her a Book of Mormon and our number and told her to call us if she ever wants more help pulling weeds or something.

We went to try Stephanie, who we tracted into like 3 weeks ago, and we were worried because she had been home when we set up an appointment last time, and she wasn't answering our texts, so we weren't sure if she was even interested. But we tried her house anyway and they let us right in. She just turned 20 and she lives with her fiance and her adorable baby. We taught them about the sealing power and they were super interested in that because family is really important to them. We gave them a book and a Restoration DVD and we invited them to church. They said they would have to work it out to get a car that could make it to Aurora but we told them we could set up a ride for them. So we talked to the Deans and they were totally willing! But sad news: when the Deans went over, they didn't answer. So they didn't come to church yesterday. Soooo we don't actually know what's going on with that. And then Jerry and Edna (who now goes by Mary) said they were gonna come to church too but they didn't either. But we'll work it out.

We've been teaching the Humanes kids all the new member lessons and we've been doing jeopardy games for the first 3 lessons until they got bored of that. So we had to get creative again and we came up with "Commandmentopoly." Sister Brunner had to set it up all by herself because I've never even played Monopoly before so I didn't know how it worked. We're playing it tonight for family home evening, so we'll see how that goes.

We did a lot of tracting this week because we're running low on investigators. And all of that tracting resulted in 0 new investigators. Which is whyyyyyy member missionary work is so important, people. But we got some interesting reactions. This old lady answered and said, "I have company coming right now, so . . . no way." This other guy answered the door in his boxers. Which was super awkward. And then this one lady opened the door and she had the most "done" look on her face and she immediately said (slightly angrily), "Get off. My porch." We thought she was going to murder us. Tracting is always interesting. 

Quote from Sister Weston (I can't believe the Westons are leaving tomorrow): "Every day won't be perfect, but there are perfect moments in every day."

~Sister Temp

​We saw a guy playing the banjo on the side of the highway. Welcome to Nebraska.

​Sister Brunner got bit by a crazy dog at Adopt-a-pet this week. (Don't worry, she's fine.)

And here is me and one of our kind-of-investigators in front of a corn field. I ​say "kind of" because she and her husband aren't actually interested in joining the church at all, they're just really nice people who really like missionaries. But we'll convince them that they actually are interested eventually.

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