Saturday, July 18, 2015

July 6, 2015

​Well, let's just start with the sunset today. 

Hi! This has been the weirdest week ever. Let me back up. 

So on Tuesday we had a mini zone conference with our new mission president (we're so lucky we had 2 in one transfer, I love zone conference) and he is super awesome! His name is President Gardner and he's just perfect. He had almost all of our names memorized and he put a ton of work into his calling before he even got here. He said a lot of things that really helped me and he told us about how when he served a mission in Wisconsin, his mission president made all of the missionaries memorize and pass off 100 scriptures passages before they could drive. And then another 100 before they could be senior companion. And then another 100 before they could be in leadership. He said that he's not gonna make us do that (which is a huge relief) but I'm still gonna memorize 100 scriptures anyway because I think it's a cool idea. He told us that the Spirit can't inspire an empty head, so I better fill mine.

So right after zone conference, we went to Kearney for exchanges and the sisters there were like, "Hey Sister Temp, do you remember Sister so-and-so?" And of course I didn't because I have a terrible memory for people, but they told me that I had gone to see her with Sister Wilson while I was in Kearney for that week after Sister C went home, and apparently Sister so-and-so told them that I had challenged her to read the Book of Mormon every day and normally she hates challenges and won't do them but she said she felt like she should do this one so she's been reading every day ever since. That's pretty sweet. And then the next day on exchanges we went to see these investigators but they weren't home, and then all of a sudden I recognized the house and remembered that I had found these people on my very first exchanges in January. So that's awesome. At least if I'm doing nothing for the people here in York, I somehow make an impact in Kearney. 

Fun story, so on Tuesday night, our district leader sent out a text saying we would be having district meeting on Thursday (which is pretty weird because we had just had zone conference that day and we usually only have 1 meeting in a week) but then he said that he hadn't assigned anyone to give a training yet so be warned. And after I read that, I tossed the phone down and thought, "Psh, he better not ask me on this crazy short notice because there's no way I'm doing that. Especially not this week." (I was having a really rough week.) And so naturally a couple minutes later Sister Brunner handed me the phone. And he said, "Sister Temp, I prayed and the Lord has revealed to me that you need to give a training." I probably deserved that. The Lord likes humbling me. But the training topic was totally perfect for me and I'm really glad he listened to the Lord and asked me. Even though I'm sick of giving a training every transfer. Hopefully this pattern doesn't continue the rest of my mission. (Watch, I bet now I'll give TWO trainings every transfer.)

Anyway, my half birthday was yesterday and I got ZERO letters or gifts. What a rip-off. Haha just kidding, I actually did get a gift from Sister Brunner. Here's another long story. After district meeting on Thursday we were fiiiinally going back to York since we hadn't been in our area for 3 days, except Sister Brunner got really sick. And so we were only able to have 1 lesson before we had to go home. And we've taught 2 lessons since that. Having a sick companion is kind of the worst. Because you're just stuck at home and she's sleeping/dying and you have nothing to do and you feel totally purposeless because you're a missionary and you should be seeing people. We tried to set it up so that I could go with a member and teach people but it just didn't work out. We don't have a ton of options since all the members are so spread out. On Sunday she was still dying, so I went to the church with the Byers and just stuck with Sister Byers the whole time and Sister B just stayed home with Sarah, Sister Byer's daughter. She's still sick today and we're hoping she'll be better tomorrow. Anyway, back to the point, she was so bored that she crocheted me a hat!

I feel like a blue version of Where's Waldo.

Anyway, that was our week. Super boring. 

OH transfers is this week. So don't send me anything until Monday when I tell you where I'm at. I kind of feel like my time is almost up in York. I mean, it's been almost 6 months. That's like a third of my mission. (I can't believe a third of my mission is over. That's ridiculous.) 

"Faith, to be faith, must center around something that is not known. 
Faith, to be faith, must go beyond that for which there is confirming evidence.
Faith, to be faith, must go into the unknown.
Faith, to be faith, must walk to the edge of the light, and then a few steps into the darkness." ~Boyd K. Packer

~Sister Temp

​I finally finished my wall! From the ceiling to the floor. I bet I'll get transferred this week and I'll have to take it all down. That's my luck.

​Here's what Sister Brunner has been doing for the last 5 days. (She made herself a hat too. She made like 4.)


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