Saturday, July 25, 2015

July 20, 2015

Well this has been the most boring week ever. So I really have nothing to say. The only cool thing is on Saturday we saw this older couple sitting on their porch (Why they chose to be outside, we don't know. It was like 10000% humid and they were literally the only people outside) so we talked to them and they said they were just chillin enjoying the "nice" weather and we started talking to them and gave them a Book of Mormon and they're totally awesome! The man, Dean, was telling us that he's a scientist so he kind of wants to believe in Christ but doesn't have much faith because it  doesn't make sense scientifically. But his wife, Mary, said she would read it to him so we're really excited to go back.

I think that's literally all that's happened this week.

Oh! Jk. On Thursday we had our first interviews with President Gardner. It was different than President Weston, but still good. He committed me to memorize 3 scriptures a week, which was awkward because I had already started memorizing 6 scriptures a week. But that's okay. Hey, if yall want something to do, you should try memorizing the Living Christ. It only took me 2 weeks to do it, and it's really cool to have all the apostles' testimony of Christ memorized. It strengthens your own testimony of Him. 

Quote of the week:
"Though none of us will ever have to experience the depth of what our Lord suffered, we each will have our own dark and bitter hours—times when our sorrow and grief may appear to be greater than we can bear. There will be times when the weight and remorse of our sins will press mercilessly upon us.
Even so, if we will lift our hearts to the Lord during those times, surely He will know and understand. He who suffered so selflessly for us in the garden and on the cross will not leave us comfortless now. He will strengthen, encourage, and bless us. He will encircle us in His gentle arms. He will be more than an angel to us. He will bring us blessed comfort, healing, hope, and forgiveness. For He is our Redeemer. Our Deliverer. Our merciful Savior and our blessed God." ~Dieter F. Uchtdorf

~Sister Temp

Here's the sky.

​And here's some corn. It's literally EVERYWHERE.

​And here's the sky again.

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