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December 14, 2015

This week was crazy and I feel like there's so much to talk about. 

Most importantly, we had our Christmas zone conference this week! That was my favorite thing in the world. We had some trainings from Pres G and the Assistants and then we had our "program" and a bunch of missionaries did skits and performances and things like that. Sister Tiritilli and I wanted to do something together with her on the guitar and me on the piano, but we couldn't find anything that worked. But we had already signed up to do a performance so I said I would just play one of my Christmas songs on the piano. And then on Tuesday during lunch we went to the church so I could practice my song, and while I was practicing Sister Tiritilli started to mess around on the guitar and then she found this really cool pattern she liked, and then words popped in her head to go along with it. So then I joined in and started helping come up with words, and we came up with about half the song right there. And then all throughout the day the perfect lyrics kept popping in our heads and by 10:30 that night we had the entire song written. So that was pretty sweet. We wrote a whole song in less than a day. And I swear that song was 100% by the Spirit because Sister Tiritilli and I are the least musically talented people/singers that I've ever met. And then Sister Tiritilli panicked and said she couldn't perform it by herself so she made me sing it with her at zone conference. And it wasn't that bad. Here are ze lyrics (don't judge them, they sound better to music):

Savior, you are all I need, 
In this harsh world, you gave my eyes to believe,
Savior, help me find my way, 
I want to feel your warm embrace,
And I ask you to be my guide, 
And you tell me that you're by my side,
You've done everything for me,

You open my eyes, fill me with hope, enlighten my heart with all of your love,
You gave up your life so I could return back to my Heavenly Father above.

Savior, you are God's chosen son, 
You paid the price for everyone,
Savior, you have the power to heal, 
And that's because you know just how we feel,
And I love you, the Great I Am, 
To repay you, I will feed your lambs,
You've done everything for me,

You open my eyes, fill me with hope, enlighten my heart with all of your love,
You gave up your life so I could return back to my Heavenly Father above,
Back to my Heavenly Father above,
And it's all because of your love.

Ta-daaaaa. It really does sound better with music, I promise.

And then on Friday we had exchanges! And guess who I got to be with? SISTER JOHNSON. It was basically the best day of this transfer. We had so much fun. And Friday night was the ward Christmas party so Sister Johnson got to see everyone! Everyone came up and hugged her and said hi, but they weren't nearly as excited to see her as we thought they would be. And then about half an hour into the party, everyone realized that Sister Johnson shouldn't actually be there. They all said that they didn't even realize anything was special because it felt so natural for her to be there. 


And then this morning, our favorite semi-less-active member Waylon had us come over to his cousin's house where they had a professional microphone and recording equipment and Sister T and I got to record our song! He said he would probably be done with it by transfers.

​Here's me pretending I can play the guitar.

Oh right, TRANSFERS is this Friday. I know something is for sure happening with me and Sister Tiritilli because President and the Sister Training Leaders keep implying it. And while I was with Sister Johnson, I tried to get her to tell me what was going on but she wouldn't because she said she needs to keep President's trust, which I understand. But Sis J's companion is super trunky and told Sister Tiritilli what was happening and Sister Tiritilli likes to hold things over my head so she won't tell me. Sooooooo it'll just be a surprise for everyone.

Quote of the Week:
"To those within the sound of my voice who are struggling with challenges and difficulties large and small, prayer is the provider of spiritual strength; it is the passport to peace . . .Miracles are wrought through prayer." ~Thomas S. Monson

~Sister Temp

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