Wednesday, January 6, 2016

December 21, 2015

Heyyyyyyyy. So I got transferred! Shocking. I didn't go very far, I'm in Lincoln now in the Holmes Lake ward with Sister Munger. She's basically the best missionary ever. She's 22 and she came out a couple transfers after me and she only got to this area 5 weeks before me, so we're kind of learning it together. She's awesome. We're gonna be best friends. 

Sunday was pretty overwhelming with getting to know everyone. I'm kind of sad I got transferred right before Christmas because Sister Tiritilli and I already had so many Christmas plans with all the members and now I don't really know anyone, but that's okay because the ones I've met so far are awesome. (Did I mention Sister Tiritilli is training? Good luck to her.)
We live in an apartment, and it's super weird to not live with members for the first time. I thought I would miss it, but it's really not that different. It's actually kind of nice to have a whole place to ourselves. I just miss driving a truck.
We watched this AWESOME video last night with a member and it's Lindsey Stirling playing for the #ASaviorIsBorn initiative. It's amazing. Everyone needs to watch it.

Quote of the Week:
"The Hebrew translation of the word devil is "spoiler." The devil seeks to spoil your journey into the eternities. He attempts to interfere with your potential here and hereafter. He seeks to have you exercise your agency unwisely. Some young people, eager to assert their independence, feel that their independence is best demonstrated by choosing to do something wrong. Any fool can do that; any crowd can do that. In fact, independence, real freedom, is best exhibited and experienced by always choosing the right. God has given you not only the right to choose between good and evil but also the power to choose good over evil! Thereby God has given you greater power than Satan and his hosts."
Oh, and here's my new address:
4544 Bancroft Ave #5
Lincoln, NE 68506

This is awkward because I don't have a picture of the sky, but here's a gingerbread house we made with the Gibsons before I got transferred. It's supposed to kind of be a temple, the gingerbread man on top is supposed to be the little angel Moroni, and the one by the door is a sister missionary/mermaid. With one eye. We're really talented.
Merry Christmas!
~Sister Temp

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